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Trang Kenh Mother Goddesses Temple

A cultural space there is deeply the folk religious belief

Where have aspirations of the mother goddesses who are sheltering the Vietnamese generations...

Visit the Bach Dang Giang cultural historical relic, visitors can contemplate the Trang Kenh Mother Goddesses temple, which was built and planned on large scale in the relic site.

Den Tho Thanh Mau

Starting from the lunar August 2nd, inaugurating in lunar December 12th in 2015, Trang Kenh mother goddesses temple is a religious practicing place where is imbued deeply with the Vietnamese cultural, there are 3 main halls and 1 back hall.

The back hall is the place to worship 3 mother goddesses.

The central hall worships 5 main commandos and 3 saints. On the right side is the altar of the farm mother goddess, on the left side is the altar of Nam Hai Dai Vuong.

All are arranged solemnly...

The mother goddesses worship is mother worship. This is the aged-old religion of the rice cultivation residents. The mother goddesses worship is worshiping the female saints who had great merits and generals who had significant contributions to the nation. In Vietnam,  the mother goddesses worship had before other religions. It is a fine ancient custom, preserves the national cultural traditions. In 2017, Vietnam’s mother goddesses worship was recognized and honored by the UNESCO as the world’s intangible cultural heritage.

Keep and preserve the national intangible cultural heritages values, Trang Kenh mother goddesses worshiping temple at the Bach Dang Giang relic site, with other temples and pagodas here... contribute to perfect the value of a religious cultural historical complex for future generations.....

Management Board of Bach Dang Giang Relic site