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Hung Dao Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan

“Thời bình, phải khoan thư sức dân để làm kế sâu rễ bền gốc. Đó là thượng sách giữ nước”

__Hung Dao Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan

Quoc Cong Tiet Che Hung Dao Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan was born on December 10, 1228 in Tuc Mac - Phu Thien Truong (now known as Tuc Mac commune - My Loc - Nam Dinh), he is person who can command army very well, with great strategy skills as well as outstanding wisdom and bravery. But he always puts the national interests firstly. All three times of resistance against Nguyen Mong (1258, 1285, 1288) he was given the authority by Tran kings: "Quoc Cong Tiet Che" - General commander of Dai Viet armed forces, prevented brutal enemies, whose hooves have swept across Asia and Europe, from the Pacific to the Mediterranean coast. But all 3 times they were terribly defeated, Toa Do was slashed, O Ma Nhi, Pham Tiep, Tich Le Co were captured alive, Tran Nam Vuong Thoai Hoan had to head into the copper pipe to drag across the border. In particular, the navy battle of Bach Dang 1288 in April 9 buried only 100,000 enemies and 600 warships headed by O Ma Nhi, ending the third war of aggression of the Nguyen Mong Empire.

August 20th, Canh Ty year (1300), Binh Bac Dai Nguyen Soai Hung Dao Dai Vuong had gone to eternity, he had lived in the world for 73 years. King Tran Anh Tong had posthumously: "Thái sư Thượng phụ quốc công Nhân Vũ Hưng Đạo Đại Vương" and Vietnamese people calls him as Duc Thanh Tran. He has been honored by mankind are outstanding military celebrities from ancient and ancient world. 

He has given for us the great documents through "Binh Thu yeu luoc", "Van Kiep Tong bi truyen thu", "Hich Tuong si" with experiences, traditions and military arts for our ancestors in there. Before going to eternity, he told those who are commander and ruler that: With respect to the Northern enemy, we need: "Giặc cậy trường trận ta dùng đoản binh", and with the people, we must "khoan thư sức dân để làm kế sâu rễ bền gốc.", with defending the country, we must "chúng chí thành thành", means the will and solidarity of the people is the most stable stronghold.