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Visiting rules

Welcome to the Bach Dang Giang relic site!


Visitors to the Bach Dang Giang relic site, are requested to observe the following regulations:


  • Raise a higher sense of responsibility in the protection of the environment, architecture and landscape of the relic; keep the sanitation clean; do not lie, sit or touch the objects; do not inscribe or draw on the worship statutes, stone stelae or architectural works; do not walk on the grass or pick flowers and climb on trees and break tree branches.


  • Keep up security and order; abide by the rules on the protection and prevention of fire and explosion; do not smoke within the premises of the relic; do not carry weapons, inflammables, poisons, explosives or live animals inside the relic.


  • Dress neatly and politely; do not wear conical hat, cap, short skirt, single strip shirt or shorts inside the places of worship; be quiet within all the sacred areas;

Visiting rules

  • It is forbidden to make use of religious freedoms to practize the acts of superstition, gambling, fraud or cheating …


  • Visitors will be held legally responsible for causing any loss or  damage to the relic, subject to the existing law


  • The Relic’s security guards shall have the right to immediately cancel the visitor’s tour of the relic, should he or she be found to be in violation of any of the above regulations.


  • Should you witness any negative or inappropriate acts, please help by informing the relic’s security guards via the following phone numbers: 090 668 55 68.

Thank you for your co – operation and have a nice visit!

Visiting rules