Hai Phong city

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Exhibition house of Bach Dang Giang artifacts

At the exhibition house in the relic site, visitors can see the documents, artifacts and images of the historic Bach Dang victories.

Trang Kenh Vong De - King Le Dai Hanh Temple

The temple worships King Le Dai Hanh, who re-created the second Bach Dang victory in 981, ended the first Tong resistance war to maintain peace for Dai Co Viet

Truc Lam Tu Trang Kenh Pagoda

From the relic gate, going through Trang Kenh temple, visitors take their steps to Truc Lam Trang Kenh temple with special impressions of natural scenery

Linh Tu Trang Kenh - Tran Hung Dao Temple

Start to build from October 7th, 2008 on his 800th birthday. After 99 days, Trang Kenh temple was completed with highlights in scenery and architecture.

President Ho Chi Minh Temple

President Ho Chi Minh temple in the Bach Dang Giang cultural historical relic is the first temple worshiping him in Haiphong and the Northeastern part of the nation.

King Ngo Quyen Temple

The temple was built at the Bach Dang Giang historical relic in 2011 in the respect of people in Trang Kenh Thuy Nguyen, Haiphong.

Trang Kenh Mother Goddesses Temple

Starting from the lunar August 2nd, inaugurating in lunar December 12th in 2015, Trang Kenh mother goddesses temple worships mother.

Iron-wood forest, statue garden of Bach Dang stake yard

The statue garden describes the manual making of Bach Dang piles. The statues seem to revive the Bach Dang victories of our fathers.

Victory Square

2000 m2 Victory square was a floating square on Bach Dang River. This is a solemn place that stands 3 national heroes Ngo Quyen, Le Dai Hanh and Tran Hung Dao.