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Truc Lam Tu Trang Kenh Pagoda



imbrued with the national spirit...That is the feeling of tourists when they visit Truc Lam Trang Kenh pagoda, which locates on the top of Phuong Hoang mountain at Bach Dang Giang cultural historical relic.

From the relic gate, going through Trang Kenh temple, visitors take their steps to Truc Lam Trang Kenh temple with special impressions of natural scenery.

Trúc Lâm Tự Tràng Kênh

After contemplating the statue garden of the Arhats carved from pearls among the green of trees, visiting the hundred- year-old banyan tree taken from the old cement company to this place to preserve traditions, or going to the pearl well, taking stone stairs on Tung, Cuc, Truc, Mai roads, enjoying the natural beauty, visitors will arrive Truc Lam Trang Kenh pagoda.

Being built since 2010, Truc Lam Trang Kenh pagoda simulates the Bronze pagoda on Yen Tu hill top. This place is where tourists can expect favors from the Buddha, Dalai Lama and the Bodhisattva, particularly King Tran Nhan Tong- who was a judicious king, led Dai Viet army and people in 2 resistance wars against the Mongolian invaders and established Thien Tong Truc Lam Yen Tu sect with the motto:” Do religious work to help others, religion goes with the nation”.

From Truc Lam Trang Kenh pagoda, tourists can see contemplate a wide view of mountains and rivers, magnanimous Northern sacred sea and sky. The echo of the thousand- year-history is resounding, “ the pagoda shelters the national spirit and thousand-year history of the ancestors”. Ancient values are being enhanced day by day in this place...

Management Board of Bach Dang Giang relic site