Hai Phong city

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King Le Dai Hanh

“Nam quốc sơn hà Nam đế cư. Hoàng thiên dĩ định tại thiên thư. Như hà Bắc Lỗ lai xâm lược. Bạch nhận phiên thành phá trúc dư”


King Le Dai Hanh was also known as Dai Hanh Emperor, whose name was Le Hoan, was born on August 10th, 941, the full moon in July of the Tan Suu year, in Xuan Lap commune, Tho Xuan district, Thanh Hoa province. He was appointed by the Emperor Dinh Tien Hoang to lead the 10 army forces of Dai Co Viet.

In October 979, King Dinh Tien Hoang was murdered by Do Thich. Prince Dinh Toan, who was only 6 years old, ascended the throne. Taking that opportunity, the Tong Dynasty sent troops to invade our country. Facing the jeopardy of country, putting the national interests first, Empress Duong Van Nga and her generals honoured him to become a King and take the title as Dai Hanh Emperor.

In July 980, King Tong bestowed Hau Nhan Bao as commander-in-chief, the forces divided into two ways as waterway and roadway to proceed to the Bach Dang estuary, they wanted to invade Tay Ket as a springboard to attack Hoa Lu citadel.

Emperor Le Dai Hanh directly held troops to fight. For 92 days and nights from December of the Dragon year to the end of the spring of the Snake year, he commanded 6 major battles. The battle on the Bach Dang River on April 28th, 981. Le Dai Hanh re-created the battlefield of Ngo Quyen, then cleverly pretended the surrender, slashed die General Hau Nhan Bao, completely destroyed the Tong army, ended the first Tong resistance war to maintain peace for Dai Co Viet.