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Impressive Bach Dang Giang relic site in Hai Phong

(VOV5) – Hai Phong city nominated Bach Dang Giang relic site for the government to recognize as a special national relic.

Located at the Bach Dang River estuary, about 20 km from the Hai Phong center, Bach Dang Giang relic is truly the greatest convergence of historical, cultural and belief in Hai Phong, one of the most attractive destination for travelers.

Bach Dang estuary area in ​​Trang Kenh commune, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong city, is a special place because it is associated with three naval battles, symbolize the heroic spirit to fight against aggression the foreign invaders who is stronger many times than the Vietnamese nation.

The first time was in 938, when Ngo Quyen defeated two thousand marines of Nam Han invader. The second time, in 981, when Le Dai Hanh defeated the Tong invader. The third time, in 1288, was associated with the name of Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan, when he and his Tran king dispelled the Nguyen Mong enemy. Because of that, today Chu Xuan Viet, from Kim Ma, Hanoi, and his wife are here to offer incense, to commemorate the national heroes. Mr. Chu Xuan Viet said:

“The tour guide has just introduced the feats of arms of Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan, Ngo Quyen and Le Dai Hanh. I see that these are truly glorious feats, showing the courage of the Vietnamese army and people, and the spirit of determination to protect the country’s sovereignty and the way fights the enemy to be extremely creative of his father. ”

Since 2008, Hai Phong City has been determined to rebuild a historical relic site in Trang Kenh to express the great values ​​of the three great feats on the Bach Dang River. In just a short time, a system of works at Bach Dang Giang relic site have been completed. Mr. Nguyen Viet Ma, from My Dinh, Hanoi, said:

“This is a very significant tourist site about the history, and the victories of the nation, the two Kings and a great general of the Tran Dynasty that have been kept in the Vietnam history. And recently everyone knows that Hai Phong city has built this area very nicely. This is also a spiritual relic site. All Vietnamese people hears of this relic, they also will come here. Because they can “When drinking water, think of its source”, and to honor the historical merits of our fathers in fighting foreign invaders ” here.

The most prominent in Bach Dang Giang historical relic site is the three temples, that is associated with the names of three famous military leaders: King Le Dai Hanh, Quoc Cong Tiet Hung Hung Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan and Duc Vuong Ngo Quyen. All three temples are designed in ancient architectures. All of temples were combinated by wood and natural stone, located under shady tree canopies, along a ridge at the riverbank. This is creating a romantic ecological area, up the dock – below the boat, a natural landscape’s beauty.

In addition to the Bach Dang river wharf, there are a large road here. This road leads us to the floating stone bridges, exquisitely carved. We go to the square, there are three statues of famous generals. All of these statues have the high and majestic standing. Below is the pile ground, a historical evidence of the victories. Mr. Vu Toan Thang, Head of Management Board of Bach Dang Giang Relic Site, said:

“I’m glad because a lot of students come here to learn history in a practical way. When they look at the battle maps, models, wooden piles, the children can imagine how their fathers used to fight in the past. The children learn history with reality, unlike in the old days, they only studied history with books.

According to information from the Board of Management of Relic Site, during the first half of 2017, the Bach Dang Relic Site has welcomed about 60,000 visitors. Next time, the relic will organizes many festivals to meet the needs of visitors year round.

In addition to the early spring festival, the opening ceremony of Tran temple on January 14th, the death anniversary of King Le Dai Hanh on January 18th, there is also the Buddha’s birthday ceremony on April 15th, Vu Lan ceremony on July 15th, the death anniversary of King Tran Quoc Tuan on August 20th…

This relic site is being planned to expand to become the Bach Dang Victory Park – in the future, this is the venue for a traditional festival to celebrate the historical Bach Dang victories.

This relic site is also being nominated by the Hai Phong city for the government to recognize as a special national monument.

Thu Hoa